Frequently Asked Questions:
How do I become a New
The first step in becoming a
new client is calling Dr.
Pierce-Davis and visiting with
her personally about
You may reach her voice
mail.  When you do, please
leave a brief and clear
message as to your need
and phone numbers where
you can be reached.  
Dr. Pierce-Davis is very
conscientious about
returning phone calls and it
is rare that she cannot
return your call within 24

What happens at my first
At the first session, you and
the doctor will go over your
Initial Paper Work, discuss
Confidentiality Issues, Office
Guidelines and any
questions you may have.
She will then begin the
information-gathering  and
planning phases of therapy,
asking questions as to your
immediate situation, needs,
and goals for treatment.  
By the end of the initial
session, both you and the
doctor should have a clear
picture of your needs and
goals for therapy, an initial
diagnosis, and a scheduled
follow-up session for the next
Can I fill out my paperwork
before my first session?
Yes.  Go to Forms on this
website.  Print the forms, fill
them out and FAX them to
800-420-4784 prior to your
first session or bring them to
the first session with you,
Does Dr. Pierce-Davis take insurance?
Dr Pierce-Davis accepts insurance
when she is on your Insurance
company's Preferred Provider Panel.  
She is on many panels.  When you
call, ask her if she is on your specific

Does she work in the evenings?
No, she does not.  In her office,
however, she has colleagues who do
work in the evenings.  When you call
her, she will direct you to the best
therapist for your needs, who works
evenings and weekends.

What are her fees?
The initial session fee is $150.00.  
Subsequent sessions are $125.00.

How do I know if she is on my
You can look on the back of your
insurance card for the toll-free phone
number of your program.  Call that
number and ask if Dr. Pierce-Davis is
on their List.
You can also go to your insurance
company's web site and do a search
for Preferred Providers.

What do I ask my insurance company
to find out my responsibilities in
starting psychotherapy?
First, ask if your sessions need to be
precertified.  If they do, ask
  • what is my Precertification
  • how many sessions are being
  • what is my co-pay?
Always ask
  • What is my co-pay?
  • What is my deductible?
When you arrive at your first session,
you will want this information
available for you and the doctor to
discuss.  She is knowledgeable about
insurance issues, as she personally
does all billing.  Your financial
information does not leave her office.

What kind of payment does the doctor
The doctor accepts cash, checks, and
credit card payments when payments
are more than $25.00.
When payments are less than $25.00,
only cash and checks are accepted.
Many clients pay the doctor with their
PayPal accounts.  You may pay in
advance of your session, making the
payments to

For New Clients